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Infinite Vacation Corporate Limited (IVC) is a leading award-winning vacation Corporate in Malaysia. It was established in 2016 and is member of Malaysia Chinese Tourism Association. IVC is a conglomerate with diversified business interests in property development and investment, construction, industries, financial services and hospitality.

Our Company

It has over 200 employees across its business operations in Malaysia. IVC provides quality vacation programmes and access to some of the most sought after holiday destinations, and we take great pride in ensuring that our members have a journey they won't forget.

IVC provides accommodation in 6 properties in Malaysia which include Villa 2, Villa 10, Villa 12, Villa 13, Villa 22 & Villa 61 which is individually presented unique by its interior such as European, Balinese, Romance, Business class & Modern living. Entired of the units are completed with their own swimming pool facilities.

With sales offices throughout Malaysia, IVC strives for convenience at every turn to ensure our members receive the very best service, from the moment they join. Our customer service team is dedicated to making your holiday a moment to remember. We are always interested to hear from you as this helps us to continually improve and remain as your preferred holiday partner. We at IVC have undertaken many initiatives to propel our brand forward. From advertising spaces, events, publications to social media, we focus on reaching out to our existing and potential members by building a reputation that is centred on trust and by putting our customers first.


The Vacation Club Industry was first legislated under Section 84 of the Companies Act 1965 and the appropriate Policy Guidelines issued by Companies Commission of Malaysia. However, from 31st January 2017, it is now regulated under the Interest Schemes Act 2016. IVC is a member of the Malaysian Holiday Timeshare Developer’s Federation.









We are dedicated to building strong relationships that are mutually beneficial to all our stakeholders and us. Even in the most challenging situations, we behave in a professional and ethical manner.


Our people are the ones who power the organisation. As such, we try our best to recruit, groom and retain member who have good character, are committed to the organisation, and are highly skilled in their respective areas of expertise.


We make decisions and formulate strategies based on objective facts. We try our best to have a thorough understanding of our businesses and the markets in which we operate so that we make decisions that are well thought-through. We adopt high standards in all that we do so that our businesses consistently deliver high quality products and services.